Dealing With Death in Family: How to grieve?

Losing a loved one is a difficult experience, and everyone's response to it is unique. When a family experiences a loss, you are faced with your grief and supporting your loved ones through their grieving process.
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Last updated: Apr 5, 2023
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Julia Samuel, a grief therapist behind the Grief Works app, notes that each member may grieve differently within families. Everyone may share in the family’s grief, but the grief you feel as an individual may emerge at other times and with varying intensities from those around you.

Communication can be one of the most difficult aspects of grief. The absence of the person who has died is always felt. This can radically change relationships and disturb the family structure. This system may return to its original form but remain off-kilter for others.

Allowing everyone to grieve in their way, and focusing on open and honest communication, can help families cope with grief – and can even bring them closer together. If you are currently dealing with a death in the family, here are some actionable tips to help:

Advice When Dealing With Death in Family

  1. Recognise that everyone’s response is unique: Understand that it is okay to have a different way of grieving from others in your family. Do not feel the pressure to conform to a particular grieving style.
  2. Communicate with your family: Talk to your family members and let them know how you feel. It is important to be honest, and open about your grieving process so that others can better understand you and provide support.
  3. Allow each other to grieve in their way. Avoid making comparisons and judgments. Instead, focus on supporting each other in whatever way works for them.
  4. Seek outside help. Sometimes, talking to family members about grief may be difficult. In such cases, seeking help from a therapist or a grief support group can be helpful.

Find Grief Support with Grief Works by Illume

Getting support when grieving is essential. It can be challenging, but you don’t have to worry!

The Grief Works app helps you overcome grief and connect with a community that cares for you. It also offers live monthly calls and the ability to chat with a therapist when needed.

Moreover, it has a built-in journal book for your daily diary and the Grief Works Curriculum to guide you in this wonderful healing journey.

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