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Grief Works for management

Deliver the grief management programme your employees deserve with our playbook, insights & Grief Works app pack

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  • Best practice bereavement support strategies for a more compassionate workplace
  • Exclusive content from best-selling author and grief psychotherapist Julia Samuel
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Give employees the bereavement management support they need


28 session step-by-step help programme allows employees to understand, navigate and express their grief.


30+ meditation, sleep and breathing tools


93% of bereaved workers say Grief Works’ rebalancing practices make them feel better

Based on the book Grief Works by Julia Samuel MBE & psychotherapist

Structured support guides bereaved workers as they reflect and rediscover their positive mindset

Professional help and support for bereaved workers 24/7

Julia Samuel MBE

Julia Samuel is the Vice President of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. She says it’s time to take bereavement in the workplace seriously, and she’d like your help.

Step one is the new Grief Works support pack for managers.

Sign up for the pack now and get the free Grief Works playbook, exclusive video content to help managers develop more meaningful bereavement support in the workplace, plus free 1 year access to the Grief Works app (usually £259.48).



Their grief isn’t over when their bereavement leave ends

Peace of mind for you and for the people you care about at work

Grief Works demo
Grief Works demo
Grief Works demo

For you as an HR leader:

Grief Works for companies

Create a culture of compassion by presenting a clear message of care, thought and respect

Raise productivity by reducing worry and stress from loss, giving people space to focus

Build morale and trust. Colleagues who feel supported through difficult times are more likely to stay engaged in the long run

For your people:

All the support, tools and resources workers need to overcome any obstacles they face

Personalised support for every individual’s own particular circumstances

24/7 support for employees with features accessible wherever, whenever

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700+ five star Reviews
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700+ five star Reviews


Eternally Grateful

“In the depths of my grief a friend recommended the app and I am eternally grateful.

The tools helped me through my saddest loneliest times, when the pain was almost unbearable. The app is money well spent and is helping me through the most difficult, painful time of my life. Thank you.”

Unravels the complexities

This app has done so much to help me unravel the complexities of my grief. Three heavy years of being stuck but after only 10 days I feel lighter and calmer. I’m so glad I found it.

Helpful for anyone grieving

This app is a wonderful resource for anyone who is trying to cope with the death of a loved one and is feeling lost in a new and unwelcome new world. It feels remarkably personal and nurturing.

Like a good friend

It’s been like having a good friend with me each day who understands more than anyone else the despair and loneliness of grief. I wish I’d found this earlier.

Great app

A really powerful tool which is supporting me to move through one of the toughest periods in my life.


“Grief Works has been truly life changing. The app helped me feel deeply connected to my wife, who died 5 months ago. It has allowed me to appreciate both the bright moment as the moments of sadness. I’ve gone from floundering in despair to feeling more like myself.”

Support at whatever stage you are in your journey

This app has the potential to change your grief journey into a reflective, supportive and more positive experience, at a time when you might be feeling lost, alone and fearful of your future. Highly recommend.