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Learn how to soothe your pain and heal

with the UK’s Leading Grief Expert and Psychotherapist, Julia Samuel MBE


August 8th, 6pm BST (UK)


Understanding Grief

with Julia Samuel MBE

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What you’ll learn
in Grief Works

  • Soothe your pain
    Discover ways to manage fear, anger, sadness, guilt, numbness & futility with tools and guidance in your pocket the moment you need them.
  • Work through your grief
    Be guided through 28 sessions, step by step, of 15 minutes a day, to help you work through your grief.
  • Develop techniques to stay grounded
    Develop the 8 pillars of strength to look after your mental health, build resilience and feel more able to cope with life.
  • Find ways to trust in living and loving again
    Learn ways to gently let hope and happiness back in and to open yourself up to a future where you can hold your love for that person from the past whilst embracing your present and future ahead.

What happens if you don’t fully process your grief?

Grief hurts and it can be difficult to manage. But if you can allow it into your life, grief works. However, if you’re suppressing it in order to protect yourself from pain, you are risking complicated grief resulting in mental health problems, acute stress reactions and trauma responses like:

Pain or yearning becomes deep and prolonged
Trouble focusing on anything else
Becoming numb or detached from real emotions
Withdrawal from social activities
Lacking any purpose or meaning in life
Wish that you had died along with their loved one
Having suicidal thoughts

1 in 7

psychological issues are a result of unresolved grief: anxiety, depression, OCD, etc.

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